The SmartGift Platform: Turnkey Automated Gifting Solutions

Eliminate spreadsheets and automate the gifting process with a customizable, easy-to-integrate platform that supports address-less, same-day delivery for customers, prospects, and employees with no hidden fees.

Engage Employees, Nurture Leads, and Delight Customers

Support smarter gifting throughout your business, nurturing relationships with top talent, building loyalty with valued customers, and attracting new prospects.
Generate positive ROI for your business.

Build Relationships More Easily with the SmartGift for Business Platform

Streamline and automate the gifting process, eliminating time-consuming spreadsheets to ensure no gift-giving opportunity is missed. Set up and start running gifting campaigns fast with SmartGift for Business platform with no-cost or commitment.

Customize and Personalize the Gift-Giving Experience

Curate gift collections, provide timely address-less delivery options, and build relationships with customers, prospects, and employees no matter where they are located with customization options that scale.

Build Stronger Bonds through Gifting

Set up your automated, customizable gifting solution with our free-to-use platform.