Features: The SmartGift for Business Difference

Designed for ease of use and optimized for engagement, SmartGift for Business is a free platform to drive growth for businesses like yours.

Happiness is priceless, so we’re not putting a price on it.

SmartGift for Business was built on the foundation of creating happiness through gifts and experiences, no matter the business size.

We understand that business is personal.

You aren’t just working with people; you’re working with humans—and you want people to know AND feel that.

That’s why we’re keeping it simple: you can sign up and send gifts utilizing the SmartGift for Business platform at no cost with our plethora of features (automation, personalization, and reporting… just to name a few). You just pay for the gift, taxes and shipping but get to cash in on all the benefits our platform has to offer.

An Easy-to-Use Gift Giving Experience

Simplify Engagement
Streamline your workflows with event reminder notifications, flexible payment options and ROI reporting in an intuitive interface.
Integrate Seamlessly
Reduce onboarding time with a growing library of CRM, HR, and workplace application integrations.
Personalize Gifting
Nurture authentic relationships with customers, clients, and employees using our gift recommendation engine.

Tools to Engage with the People Who Matter to Your Business

  • Set-and-forget programs to automate gifting for work anniversaries and contract renewals.
  • Address-less delivery to simplify gifting for customers, prospects, and employees.
  • Offer leading brands and experiences to engage both customers and employees.
  • Bulk gifting features for robust holiday gift and employee engagement campaigns.

A Fully Customizable Gift-Giving Experience that Scales

Turnkey Engagement Strategy
An intuitive suite of engagement tools to simplify workflows, automate event notifications, and report on performance.
Fully Customizable Campaigns
Outreach efforts are fully customizable, from self-service, one-off recognition to long-term engagement campaigns.
Measurable for Transparency
Built-in reporting and analytics to track and communicate the ROI of gift-giving campaigns to key stakeholders.

Integrate and automate with leading software platforms

SmartGift: Grow Your Professional Relationships with Easy Gifting

Learn how businesses just like yours have used SmartGift for Business to help grow their professional relationships and increase their ROI—with no financial commitment required.