Everything You Need to Know about SmartGift for Business

Explore our most popular questions below about SmartGift for Business.

Yes! There’s no fee to use the SmartGift for Business platform – the only thing you’ll need to pay for are the gifts (plus tax * shipping) you choose to send your recipients. No long-term commitment or recurring subscription costs.

Nope! We understand that giving out personal mailing addresses to send gifts can not only hurt the element of surprise but also create a roadblock in relationship building.

SmartGift for Business offers virtual gift experiences just for these occasions.

Yes! The receiver can pick from any of our gift options or a custom collection you curate for them.
All gifts shipped within the U.S. will be received within 5 business days, with additional overnight options at an additional cost.
Yes! For the ultimate “set it and forget it” you can automate the gift-giving process to celebrate key milestones and holiday. Experience the SmartGift for Business platform for yourself to get a feel for how automation works.
Yes! You can customize the gift-giving experience with logos, brand colors, and custom messages as you see fit. We understand success in relationship building needs to be personalized.

Yes! We understand, no matter who you are growing professional relationships with, you want to measure the impact to your bottom line.

Feel free to experience SmartGift for Business to see how reporting works and can integrate with your existing system.

SmartGift for Business integrates with some of the most popular software offered in the workplace today: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Salesforce, and other popular SaaS software.

If you cannot find what integration you’re looking for, simply ask and we’ll collaborate to create a solution that works for you.

Depending on your business size, you can set it up yourself or work with our personalized Gifting strategist to get you set up as quickly as you want.

Custom integrations may take longer.

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