Your online gifting platform questions, answered

We've rounded up and answered your most asked questions to help make your gift journey even easier.
Ariel at SmartGift
November 26th 2020Nov 26, 2020

SmartGift is an engagement platform that helps corporations create deeper connections. For businesses, like large corporations to start-ups, we provide you the best way to network with sales prospects, build employee engagement and retention through team building and value loyal clients with personalized customer appreciation gifts. But we also understand the importance for sustainable gifting, which is why we provide our online gifting solution to retailers to offer to their customers. Now, every product has the potential to be the best sustainable, high quality gift.

It works by always giving recipients the power to decide and browse beautifully curated product catalogs for their desired gift idea inspiration. There, they can discover new possibilities and own their preferences.

Anyone who is looking to give the perfect gift can use SmartGift. We want everyone to feel empowered to make their gift perfect, without relying on giving something as impersonal as a gift card. We know that there are many types of gifts: gifts between family and friends, gifts between colleagues and employees, gifts that say I appreciate the things you do, gifts to help deepen a relationship, and so many more. That's why we've made it easy to Send With SmartGift—you pick an item or price range that you'd like to spend, digitally wrap and deliver your choice to your recipient or recipients with SmartGift, and they can unwrap and decide their preferred size, color, or other gift options and pick where they'd prefer to have the gift delivered.

We understand that this new type of personalized, empowered gifting option is new for a lot of people, that’s why it’s our mission to make things as simple and easy as possible. Here we’d like to answer some of your most asked questions:

So how does SmartGift make gifting easier?

We help you send gifts instantly and easily. If your selection was not quite right, recipients can choose to exchange the gift for an item of equal or lesser value. Once they confirm their selection and provide their preferred shipping information, we send you a checkout link to complete the purchase, and, once paid, we ensure that the gift is delivered.

SmartGift has a few different gifting options, right?

Yes! We offer different gift services based on the type of gifts you want to send:

  • Corporate Gifting: We recommend our client engagement and employee gifting platform if you are looking to break through the clutter of traditional direct mail marketing and nurture professional relationships through our top corporate gift providers. With only a recipient’s email and a price range in mind, we help you send bulk, automated client gifts from today’s biggest brands that will impress your prospective customers and spread the employee appreciation around to your whole team.
  • Consumer Gifting: This SmartGift product is perfect for retailers looking to increase sustainability by reducing gift returns and grow by allowing shoppers to instantly send gifts through our digital delivery experience. Our expertise in working with today’s biggest brands means that every gift will be perfect and you and your team will have a quick and satisfying win.
  • Gift Marketplace: For individuals looking to send the perfect gift to loved ones, colleagues, friends, and family this is definitely the place for you. Our team of gift experts have cataloged and curated the millions of gift items from the countless brands we partner with to help you send the perfect gift. From parents to siblings, yoga lovers to self-titled mixologists, we’ve got gifts for everyone. The best part is that every gift can be sent through our Send With SmartGift experience so regardless of what you choose, it will always be exactly what they wanted.
  • Slack App: Best used for showing employees and co-workers appreciation for all their hard work or celebrating milestones. Anyone can add the app to their Slack workspace and send products across the Family of Brands catalog, eliminating the hours spent researching corporate gifting sites and employee appreciation ideas.

What will my recipients see?

Your recipient will be able to digitally unwrap the gift on their digital device or computer, view your gift message, accept or exchange your gift, and provide their preferred shipping address.

Will I know if my recipient has accepted my gift?

We will send you an email and text notification when your gift has been accepted and is ready for purchase. If you forget to pay for your gift, we will send you up to three reminders.

How does payment work?

Once your gift has been accepted, we will send you a checkout link to complete the purchase.