Your Guide to Back to School Shopping

This year will be the first time many students attend school in person. Help them prepare and feel at home with the right supplies.
Gauraa at SmartGift
July 28th 2021Jul 28, 2021

It’s almost the end of summer, and the kids are getting ready to hit the books! But first, it’s time for their favorite yearly ritual: shopping for back-to-school supplies, back-to-school clothes, and back-to-school shoes.

Back-to-school shopping can be as overwhelming as it is exciting, especially in a year where it’s been difficult to gauge whether classes will be remote, hybrid, or in-person. To save you the trouble of sifting through back-to-school sales, we’ve compiled a back-to-school list of essentials guaranteed to make the classroom community smile. Now you can help your favorite students feel more at home going back to school from the comfort of your very device!

For many students, this school year will be the first time they are in person at a new school or with their full roster of classmates. Help them feel confident with vibrant back-to-school outfits, whether they’re learning virtually, or on campus.

Comfortable and stylish, nothing says welcome back to school like a striped polo or a new dress with soft ruffles.

Cotton t-shirts will keep your kids cool during the first week of school and are sure to inspire them in the classroom. Perfect for the first day of school, play, and learning, they will love these graphic tees from Hanna Andersson and vineyard vines.

With mask mandates coming back into question, it’s best to be prepared for the circumstances. These lightweight youth masks will add a fun element to your kids’ outfits while keeping them safe.

No back-to-school guide is complete without back-to-school shoes, whether it is for wintertime or for after school sports. Make sure the growing little people in your life are comfortable with these cushioned selections from Timberland and Altra Running Shoes.

With bottle pouches, padded sleeves, and several zipper pockets, kids will love these savvy back-to-school backpacks, perfect for toting textbooks, laptops, and classroom supplies.

Versatile and highly functional, hatchet backpacks have great shelf-life, making them a perfect fit for both high school and college students alike.

If you’re looking for backpacks with dual functionality, Kipling’s Zea Rolling Backpack is fit for school days as well as traveling! Students will love gliding along with their rolling backpacks, whether on a student campus or a trip farther away.

Lunch boxes help food stay fresh, but why not add some flair and make lunchtime extra special with screen-printed bags from one of their favorite movies?

Bring joy to note-taking with a saddle-stitched lined notebook. With dreamy stripes and matching pencils to boot, you’ll no longer have to chase the kids around to do their homework, and they might even be in the running for student of the year.

Scratch pencil holders off your back-to-school supplies list with these fun and inventive cases from Kipling! With spacious interiors and loops to hold markers, erasers, and more, the kids are sure to stay happy and organized in the classroom — whether they’re working on back-to-school crafts or other school activities.

If you’re looking for delicious, finger-licking treats for lunches or after-school snacks, try these festive, hand-decorated, and fun back-to-school cookies.

Personalize each meal with heartfelt lunch box notes that’ll thrill the kids’ during their breaks.

It’s been a difficult sixteen months for most, and the children of quarantine have faced the brunt of it. Back-to-school gifts can add a sense of wonder to their days, and make them feel excited about learning again, no matter where the classroom is located.

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