What giving the perfect gift to colleagues looks like in 2021

Marleigh at SmartGift
January 5th 2021Jan 5, 2021

Working in an office or team based environment can develop a close knit company culture of life-long friendships or partnerships, but this doesn't just appear out of thin air. These relationships are developed through countless actions of care, appreciation, and attentiveness. One action that means the most to interns, managers, and executives alike is receiving a carefully thought out and personalized gift.

Upon asking the American workplace what were the best gifts they ever received from their workplace, answers like store credit to a local furniture seller to furnish a new apartment or a personalized spa experience at the trendiest nail salon in town stood out among the generic gifts of gift cards, wilting drugstore bouquets, and prepaid visa cards. But creating these personalized and unique gifting experiences are expensive and time consuming, right?

Our team of gift giving experts is here to help. We've rounded up their top tips to gifting that are guaranteed to please:

Include the Recipient

Giving a generic or “blanket gift” is a damper on the joy of a recipient receiving special recognition during a celebration or for an important achievement. When shopping for a peer, take into consideration interests they have spoken to you about like running, cooking, or gardening and don’t be afraid if they already have it when you send with SmartGift. Our curated collections are full of unique products and the recipient can always swap for another gift if the original just isn’t perfect.

Make Sure Your Gift Arrives on Time

Giving a gift on the day of is a sign that you are paying attention and that you are engaged with the recipient’s big day. But with the rush of day-to-day tasks, this can be harder than it seems. So we recommend using our instant digital delivery for last-minute gift sends and our scheduling feature for those looking to plan ahead. We are also integrated with Slack!

Remember the Important Dates

Dates like Birthdays or Start Dates are always time to make a peer feel recognized and the center of attention for a special moment. Don't forget that dates like Wedding Anniversaries, Special Interest Holidays, or Cultural Holidays can also be a great time to recognize a co-worker or office neighbor. However, these events should always be something that is appropriate and that the peer has expressed as a well-known interest in Sensitivity and awareness is key to making these types of celebrations a success. We can help you remember these key dates and help with perfect gift.

Add Personalized Touches

Adding details to a gift like a personalized message, an engraving, or a gift wrap show the thought and effort that went into making the gift experience special and unique. So don't forget to embellish and personalize your next SmartGift with these options, or add a free digital greeting card!

Avoid Impersonal Gifts

Gift cards seem like they would be the perfect gift, but many times they go unused and are often shoved in a wallet or drawer to be forgotten. Instead, try sending a more personalized gift from their favorite brand or a gift basket full of treats. Our selection covers over thirty top brands and tens of thousands of the best selling products of 2020.

Pay Attention to Presentation

The overall look of a gift can be that additional special touch that really makes a gift unique. A clean and simple wrapping and gift experience is an elegant way to highlight what is inside.

Gifting is personal experience, that's why it's our mission to enable people to send the perfect gift, every time.