Want to drive efficiency at work? Here’s how to do it

Learn how to prevent employee burnout, boost employee morale, and improve efficiency with these no cost employee appreciation and retention strategies
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March 1st 2021Mar 1, 2021

Today’s companies are more capable and willing than ever to make their customers’ experience thoughtfully pleasant. While there are many things that play into this, the consistent factor is care. When we consider details like brand touch points, payment portals, accessibility and support, we are being compassionate. Think about all the corporate mission statements that lead to decisions around wanting to make the journey seamless and even delightful.

And the results truly speak for themselves. It’s estimated that companies who are leaders in customer experience outperform others by a staggering 80%.

But what if we used that same level of compassion when thinking about employee organization and management? This means going beyond the cold brew stations and new employee training sessions, but really catering to employee morale through their individual needs. If we reallocated even half of the resources we use on understanding our customers’ needs and wants, imagine how much we could positively affect workplace morale.

You would no longer need to guess how to reduce employee turnover, now you simply would know by understanding employee pain points. Just like with customers, when you reduce pain points, you position your company as the smart, easy, and desirable employment option for high quality staff. It’s important that when you identify causes of low employee morale, that you treat them as seriously as an upset customer. Now, why should you carefully construct an employee work environment that builds morale in your organization? Why should you align employee behavior with company goals? Why should you get your employees?

Diana Dosik recently had a Ted Talk on employee morale. In it, she spoke about the importance of having good morale in the workplace. In fact, aligning employees’ job satisfaction with company interests is how enterprise-level corporations increase employee productivity. This can work for any size company because it simply results in having happy employees.

Luckily, there are many low to no cost employee morale boosters that can fit in your retention strategies:

Discover how to connect with your employees

Connect with your employees

When you communicate openly with your employees about their goals and personal life challenges, you can learn a lot about what motivates them (but remember to always be respectful of boundaries). The best way to do this is to give your employees a voice. By simply having a communication channel where employees can feel heard has resulted, on average, in a 4.6x increase in employee productivity.

For example, if in your company there is low employee retention among a certain group, get to know the person behind the employee. You may find that there is a common, contributing reason for this high employee turnover.

Lead by example

Lead by example

You might ask yourself" "What impact does a supervisor have on the team's morale?" The answer is quite a lot, because your staff looks to you to define and share the purpose of your business. This happens both explicitly and implicitly. So if you want to know how to improve morale in an office, it must start with you.

Start by always behaving with integrity and transparency, your team members will notice this and soon you will begin to have an open, feel good attitude in the office.

Embrace common interests

Embrace common interests

There's no cost in starting internal groups for coworkers with similar interests. This allows employees to connect within teams and across your company on topics that they are already excited about. Staff members, especially young people, want their workplace to be more than just a 9-5 job, but a community.

Creating these connections can also answer the question “how does employee morale affect productivity”. Time and time again, studies have proven that when people of different expertise or from across a company can come together, innovation happens.

Employee Recognition and Rewards

Champion a company culture around employee recognition and reward

Invite innovation by creating a culture that rewards employees for exploring original ideas. When employees are allowed to experiment with a pet project, there are short-term effects—learning relevant new tools and skills and long-term effects—namely reducing employee burnout—that significantly help retain employees.

Now there is software that makes employee recognition easy by eliminating the need to gather product preferences or addresses, just their email is all you need to drive employee morale and job satisfaction.

Celebrate employees

Find reasons to celebrate employee appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day is always the first Friday in March, which this year is on March 5. Use this opportunity to initiate some fun, inclusive morale boosting activities and watch as your employee performance skyrockets.

For inspiration on personalized employee appreciation gifts, check out our other article for remote-friendly tips on how to improve employee morale this Employee Appreciation Day. Or, check out our other article on why morale is important in the workplace.