Tips to boost engagement on Employee Appreciation Day

Just because your team is virtual doesn't mean you can't celebrate Employee Appreciation Day! Use these tips to help your employees feel valued.
Marleigh at SmartGift
February 23rd 2021Feb 23, 2021

With many workplaces approaching the one-year mark of working remotely, now is a good time to reflect and say thank you to all the sacrifices that staff and employees have made. Common workplace occurrences like video calls, email chains, Slack messages, and fleeting WiFi can be the causes of low employee morale and virtual fatigue. But what is employee morale and why is it so important to keep a workplace free of high employee turnover?

According to Business Management Ideas, employee morale is "a vital ingredient of organizational success because it reflects the attitudes and sentiments of organizational members towards the organization, its objectives and policies." Good staff morale is the total satisfaction that a person derives from their job, their work group, their boss, and their environment.

A good leader positively affects workplace morale by investing in their teams and practicing employee engagement and employee retention. By planning a happy hour, team building exercise, or ice breaker, employees feel acknowledged and welcomed, plus they know they will get rewarded for their efforts. Through recognizing the importance of team bonding outside of client projects, a supervisor impacts employee morale and motivates employees towards company goals. How do these benefits affect productivity and increase employee retention?

By taking the time to focus on team members and celebrate achievements outside of a passing conversation in the break room, employees achieve company objectives quicker, improve problem solving, and feel more fulfilled, says HR Technologist. In 2020, 52% of employees felt that their company’s rewards strategy wasn’t aligned to organizational goals and 40% of employed Americans would put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often. For the majority of employees planning to switch jobs due to lack of recognition, 69% even said that better rewards and personalized recognition would encourage them to stay at the company.

With these statistics in mind, show your employees that their contributions are seen and give them a meaningful and perfect gift as compensation. For Employee Appreciation Day or Employee Spirit Month in March, plan a thoughtful corporate gifting campaign and schedule a Zoom meeting to showcase everyone's additions and improvements in the workplace over the last year.

Missing the annual company scavenger hunt or in-office Lunch & Learns? Here are five unique and reinvigorating team building games and team building activities that can be held online and gifting through the SmartGift employee gifting platform.

Employee Appreciation Gift Idea 1: Afternoon Tasting

An Afternoon of Tasting

Send each employee a gourmet gift that they can enjoy together over a video call. Ask each employee to share about the item they choose and describe the why behind their selection. Then, have the team put together a SWOT analysis of their gift items as an engaging marketing exercise.

Employee Appreciation Gift Idea 2: Company Movie Night

A Company Movie Night

Unwind after a long work day with a favorite TV show or movie. Treat your company to a movie download and snack of their choice to enjoy alongside their viewing experience.

Employee Appreciation Gift Idea 3: Team Lunch

A Team Lunch Break

Create a virtual lunch hour with employees taking turns presenting their own TED Talks over Zoom and send them a gift basket or meal to feed both their minds and bodies.

Employee Appreciation Day Gift Idea 4: Team Wellness

An Hour of Wellness

Self-care and relaxation can fall to the bottom of anyone's list, especially with a hectic workload or a family to take care of. Schedule a time for each team member to be able to unplug and unwind during a work day and send them a spa basket that they can keep all to themselves.

Employee Appreciation Day Gift Idea 5: Home Office Makeover

A Home Office Makeover

While the ability to focus can sometimes be mind over matter, having a personalized and centric workplace can help too. Gift a cheery floral arrangement or blooming plant to the workplace and brighten their desk with a bit of the outdoors.

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