This Valentine’s Day, Treat Her Right (Even if It’s Last-Minute!)

Go beyond generic flowers and chocolates with these great Valentine’s Day gifts for her.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
January 30th 2020Jan 30, 2020

January is for resolutions, but February is all about love. Though it happens on the same day every year, Valentine’s Day can still sneak up on you. But there’s no need to stress. Even if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend, wife, or partner at the very last minute, SmartGift can make sure you’re prepared with instant digital gift delivery. Here are some fun and thoughtful Valentine’s Day ideas for her that will make you seem like the most romantic partner around.

Jewelry is always a solid gift, with countless options to choose from. There’s sleek watches, classic gold and diamond pendants, or funky, multicolored earrings, to name a few.

And, if you think about it, a cute phone organizer is kind of like jewelry for your phone.

And though flowers and chocolates can seem passé, they’re iconic gifts for a reason. If you’re looking to go outside the box, look for a more unique Valentine’s Day gift, like a set of succulents in a heart-shaped planter or a bouquet of lilies instead of roses.

Extend the romantic festivities and send her a surprise for your next date night. Whether you are in the mood for an outdoor adventure or a snuggly night at home, these gift items will leave her excited for your future plans to sweep her off her feet.

Make sending your gift part of the romance. Sneak your digital gift link in an unsuspecting email for a sweet surprise, or text it to your partner with a cute GIF or iMessage animation. You’ll save paper by not getting a physical card, and you’ll make the everyday process of checking your phone into something more memorable.

Plus, SmartGift takes the pressure off even more by allowing customization. When she receives her gift, she’ll be able to choose her preferred color and size, or even swap it out for something else. That way, everyone’s happy.