Sentimental and Thoughtful Gifts for Your Favorite Grandparents

On Grandparent’s Day, send something special to make grandma or grandpa smile
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
September 8th 2020Sep 8, 2020

What would we do without our beloved grandparents? They’re loving, they’re supportive, and they’re kind. Grandma still always has something scrumptious cooking, and grandpa is still always eager to watch tonight’s game with you. Plus, don’t forget all those years when they came to every recital, awards ceremony, and performance you did as a child. Now that’s love!

Grandparent’s Day falls on Sunday, September 13th this year. Even if you already shower your grandparents with love, why not send them something special for Grandparent’s Day, too? Just imagine the smiles on their faces when they see a gift from their favorite grandkid.

Grandparents appreciate always having something to snack on. Surely your grandma always kept a few candies in her purse, just in case someone looks the slightest bit peckish. Now, return the favor! Send grandma some healthier treats like sweet chocolate-covered cherries, or surprise grandpa with a set of flavored nuts.

For something with more of a flair, this tasty card sends a Grandparent’s Day message in the form of sweet, sticky caramel popcorn. Grandpa’s favorite! And for a take on the classic floral arrangement, send grandma a juicy bouquet of fruit and chocolate.

Memories are some of the greatest gifts one can give. To help preserve the cherished times you’ve had with your grandparents, give them a nice picture frame. Whether it’s an elegant metallic filigree frame or a patterned frame, they’ll love another way to show off family photos.

For grandmas who love their jewelry, a bracelet and grandma charm will make her day.

And these comfortable moccasin slippers and sweater will keep grandpa comfortable in the house, year-round.

If your grandparents are retired, they have a lot more time to spend around the house. Whether they just started tending to their backyard or always had a green thumb, consider a thoughtful gift for their garden.