Make Gifting Your Love Language with These Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Find the perfect gift for every kind of man.
Gauraa at SmartGift
October 20th 2021Oct 20, 2021

Shopping for your boyfriend can be tricky. He’s always telling you he doesn’t want or need anything. You start feeling like you’ve slowly exhausted your safe and tested chocolate-and-flowers combination. You're not sure where to even begin with handmade gifts and DIY gifts for boyfriends. Then you start factoring in how long you’ve been dating, which gift is appropriate for the occasion, his actual interests, and suddenly you’re overwhelmed—how will you ever find a thoughtful gift for the boyfriend?

Whether he’s into grooming, self-care, hiking, cooking, or gardening, we have you covered with gift ideas for every type of boyfriend, relationship, and occasion.

He says he doesn’t need clothes, but he’s spent the past year cycling through the same set of four outfits. Get him a Saltwater Quarter-Zip from vineyard vines. With soft-to-the-touch, moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant fabric, it’s the perfect versatile garment to get him through the colder months. An ideal Christmas gift for boyfriends.

If your man is invested in sports, look no further than the Big & Tall Football Whale long-sleeved t-shirt. Its relaxed, soft cotton fit will keep him cozy and warm through football season and beyond.

For the outdoor-obsessed hiker, opt for a gift that’s both unique and practical. These legendary waterproof hiking boots from Timberland mean business. Lightweight, durable, and infused with anti-fatigue technology, they’ll keep his feet dry and alive even on the most challenging trails. Plus, when you send with SmartGift, he can select his preferred size and customize colors or styles so you don’t have to worry about getting him a pair that won’t fit!

Sourced from responsible, eco-conscious leather, this pair of Oxfords screams boyfriend material. Handsome, waterproof, and with a SensorFlex™ comfort system to boot, he’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear when he unwraps this thoughtful gift on a birthday or anniversary.

If you’re not sure what to get your boyfriend for Christmas, try a pair or two of Smartwool’s no-nonsense cushioned ribbed socks. Socks make cute gifts for boyfriends, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

In search of birthday gifts for boyfriends? Boyfriend gift baskets are so last year. Instead, score some extra points by sending him The Man Can from 1-800-Flowers. He’ll love opening this very manly paint container to see spicy shave gels and Bay Rum oils, hand butter, and bar soaps.

This rugged grooming bag is your answer to gifts for long distance boyfriends. Featuring a moisturizing aftershave balm, exfoliating body wash, shampoo, facial wash, it’s the ultimate travel accessory for your sophisticated male. You can watch your long distance partner unbox his self care package over video chat!

Encourage your home chef to level up this Christmas with holiday linens. This set from Harry & David comes with a cotton apron, a pair of oven mitts, and three fabric trivets. Now, you can add delicious kitchen time to your list of things to do with your boyfriend this holiday season.

The best gifts for boyfriends focus on his interests. This year, feed his kitchen gear and gadget obsession with stunning, ornamental cooking accessories such as a marble cheese slicer, fish garlic press, pizza stone, or panini press. (You’ll be reaping its benefits on date night.)

Indoor plants make the perfect one year anniversary gift for boyfriends. A symbol of love growing over time, they’re also excellent long distance relationship gifts, keeping the two of you connected in spite of the miles between. This year, send him a prayer plant, snake plant, or pothos. They’ll make vibrant additions to any space and are super easy to care for.

Thinking of cute things to do for your boyfriend? Set up a movie night complete with an assortment of popcorn. With flavors ranging from caramel to cheddar, it’ll beat any public movie-going experience. Long distance couples looking for romantic date ideas can enjoy the experience virtually!

Make a splash this holiday season with a sentimental gift for the boyfriend. Movado’s Swiss watches are designed to be worn every day, and have a knack of making the wearer feel polished and professional. It's the perfect gift to say "love of my life". And most of all, it’ll serve as a daily reminder of your love and care.

When it comes to expressing your feelings, the possibilities are endless. But a thoughtful gift serves as the perfect modern-day love letter for the boyfriend, whether he's near or far.

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