It's time to simplify corporate holiday gifting

We understand the challenges of creating a genuine gifting strategy and taking the necessary time to complete it and are here to help.
Marleigh at SmartGift
December 10th 2020Dec 10, 2020

Tis the season for sending holiday cards to business contacts and for trying to find the perfect gifts, while staying on budget, for employees and vendors. From choosing a friendly and authentic message to finding a gift that fits everyone’s tastes and preferences to developing the best gifting strategy for all the relationships formed through your business can be time consuming and tedious. We understand the challenges of creating a genuine gifting strategy and taking the necessary time to complete it and are here to help.

Here are our holiday tips for the perfect, corporate holiday gift strategy:

Celebrate All Year-End Holidays

Be Mindful of What Holiday They Observe

December has multiple holiday celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa being observed during similar times. Each holiday has a specific set of traditions and customs that are upheld and followed. For example, Hanukkah is celebrated at sundown and is a night time holiday and Kwanzaa gifts are often handmade and are directly related to heritage and culture. It is important to know what holiday your recipient celebrates or to send one universal message of well wishes to all, in order to personalize the gift or respect their individual celebrations.

Personalize Your Gift Card

Personalize the Holiday Message

Remembering the little things make all the difference in a relationship and this also applies to writing the perfect holiday card or gift message. Life circumstances mentioned throughout the year like a business contact getting engaged, a vendor welcoming a new baby to the family, or an employee bringing home a new pet are all great details that can personalize a card or that can be remembered by the whole office. Especially with COVID narrowing the social time of businesses, mentioning these happy details will show your recipient how you have kept up with them and listened to them during those few minutes spent on small talk on last week’s Zoom call.

Be Mindful of COVID

Be Understanding of COVID

Unfortunately, COVID has not left many parts of the life we knew untouched or altered. With more people spending the holidays in isolated social circles or at home, it is important to choose a gift that fits into their holiday lifestyle. Sending large baskets of sugary treats or gifting in-person experiences are not full of holiday spirit this year. Instead, send a smaller portion of holiday treats or a meal kit basket or gift a digital movie experience for them to enjoy at home.


Start Shopping Early

Before the holiday season even starts, set a reminder or scheduling your gifts in advance, like with the SmartGift scheduling tool, in order to make sure you send them out on time. With more and more people working from home or quarantining in different locations or offices closing early for the holidays, it is best to send your holiday messages and gifts early especially with the influx of holiday shipping altering arrival dates. When sending with SmartGift, your recipient receives their gift instantly and is able to enter in their desired delivery address, which gives you peace of mind and eliminates the mad scramble of trying to gather recipients’ information.

Be Kind & Thoughtful With Your Corporate Gifting

Be Thoughtful and Kind

While the holidays are marketed as a happy time for all, many are spending this year without their families for the first time or aren’t close with their relatives at all. Some may also be experiencing a hard holiday season in general with the COVID-19 pandemic still infecting and shutting down communities. It is important to spread a little extra kindness, understanding, and thoughtfulness this season and in the coming years. Now is the perfect time to take the time to check in with essential workers, frontline workers, employees, vendors, business acquaintances, etc. and professionally wish them the best or your support with a kind action of making a donation or sending a thoughtful gift to brighten their day.

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