How to boost employee morale and motivation with business gifting this Valentine's Day

Looking to gather employees together on Valentine’s Day? Think incentive gifting to boost loyalty and develop trust.
Marleigh at SmartGift
February 11th 2021Feb 11, 2021

With the first pandemic Valentine's day coming soon and with most workplaces still working remotely, Valentine’s Day has transitioned to being hosted and celebrated virtually. With team members managing long distance relationships across the US or the world, a trend of expressing sentiments like "We made it through 2020" or "The distance only brought us closer" can address how to improve employee morale and even create long-lasting positive employee morale.

By having a morale boosting and thoughtful gifting strategy, the moments of opening a surprise gift or receiving a new benefit create better workplaces and even work to eliminate high turnover. According to the NRF, celebrations for Valentine’s Day are projected to include 52% of people, as the holiday has expanded to include Galentine’s Day, Palentine’s Day, and many workplace celebrations like company wide Happy Hours supplied through gift boxes. The pandemic, while being hard on everyone, put a focus on encouraging employees and having a positive impact on employee engagement, company culture, and the work environment. Corporate gifts to an employee or co-worker creates a bond and shows listening skills and an attention to the details.

Employee incentive gifting is much more than adding another product or item to someone’s life in order to create high morale. The act of a small present or surprise gesture is about team building and making employees feel connected, appreciated, and trusted. The COVID-19 pandemic gives employers and companies an opportunity to create an environment of positive employee morale and highlight the value of employee recognition. Even the 48% of people who do not plan on celebrating the loveliest day of the year will be marking the day by purchasing “Anti-valentine’s Day” gifts or treating themselves, plus some are planning a celebration among their COVID bubble or through video calls of some kind.

Top gift predictions for Valentine’s Day 2021 show an uptick in candy gifts, greeting cards, and gift cards/gift certificates, while jewelry, flowers, and apparel take less of the marketshare when compared to 2020 and pre-pandemic shopping. Some considerate and exciting gifts to send to employees are a spa basket for after work pampering, cute succulent plants for their windowsill, or a family style meal that they don't have to cook or order themselves. These Valentine's Day gifts can also include employee's partners or household members, which shows a knowledge of their lifestyle and preferences.

In the times of office parties and co-worker celebrations, dropping a generic gift card or greeting card on all of the employees' desks and having cupcakes at lunch were the typical expectations of Valentine’s Day. Why not blow them away this year with a bouquet for their WFH space or a delish gift basket of treats that they can share with their household? Love is supposed to be inclusive and welcoming. Plus, the message behind a Valentine’s Day gift conveys to a workplace the value of employee motivation, shows appreciation through individual identification, and grows the investment in positive emotions.

When developing a corporate gifting strategy or investing in employee incentives, it is important to choose the right partner. With SmartGift, the core values of sending a gift through our platform are expansive selection, recipient empowerment, and accessible delivery. With an abundance of top brand partnerships, finding the perfect gift is effortless as we partner with multiple brands that offer diverse price ranges, inventories, and product categories.

One of our proudest benefits of our services and capabilities is allowing the recipient of a smartgift to have the power of choice. When it comes to choosing their gift item, they can customize the gift item based on their preferences of size, color, and fragrance or swap the gift item for something that they will find more valuable and beneficial. This unique feature allows for each employee to receive their perfect gift every time. After the recipient accepts the gift and fills in their delivery address, the gift can be paid for through a simple link. Let the Valentine's Day workplace celebrations begin!