Gifts for gardeners, plant lovers, and green thumbs

Make their day (and their garden) with a new houseplant or garden accessory gift.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
July 16th 2020Jul 16, 2020

They water, they plant, and they prune. They’re dedicated to nature and anything that grows, sprouts, or flowers. Whether they call themselves gardeners, green thumbs, or simply plant lovers, they try their best to cultivate life from simple soil. Why not reward their efforts with a gift? Maybe your mom has been gardening all her life, or your best friend is just beginning to explore the wonderful world of houseplants. These gift ideas for gardeners are sure to make your loved ones as happy as a well-watered plant.

Plants are like your favorite savory snack. Once you have one, you just keep wanting more. Surprise your favorite plant lover with something new for their home, like a quaint hanging fern, a fortuitous money tree, or a large, lush palm floor plant. In addition to having air purifying qualities and being nice to look at, these plants are all relatively easy to care for.

For your friend who delights in cultivating plants, send them a kit to grow their own tree. Eventually, the seeds will bloom into a magnificent magnolia, maple, or oak tree! If your friend is an animal lover, gift them a succulent in a playful planter shaped like a giraffe, elephant, or rhino.

Many people invest in plants for aesthetic reasons, but nature offers plenty of other benefits. Gift an aloe vera plant, and your beach-loving cousin will always have sunburn relief on hand. Gift a mini herb garden, and your dad will always have fresh rosemary, thyme, and sage growing in rustic reclaimed wood.

Yes, gardens are for plants, but that doesn’t mean that’s all they have to contain. Help your aunt, friend, or partner beautify their garden with a lovely garden stone. It not only welcomes butterflies, but helps attract them with a well for salt water, which creates minerals that butterflies need. And this wind chime brings a sense of peace and serenity to any outdoor space.

If your aunt’s garden visitors are more of the feathered friend variety, there are plenty of gifts for that, whether she prefers a sweetly simple bird feeder or sweet birdhouse.

And if your loved one with a green thumb isn’t totally satisfied with their gift, SmartGift lets them customize or even swap it. Need more gift ideas? Check out our full collection of gift guides.