Fun, Useful Back to School Gift Ideas

School the class with these eye-catching gifts, from lunch bags to first day outfits.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
August 12th 2020Aug 12, 2020

When the summer air starts to hint at fall, it’s time to hit the books. Yes, school will soon be back in session! That means classes, textbooks, lectures, and studying. It also means new friends, new opportunities to learn, and of course, new stuff.

Back to school shopping can get overwhelming at times. Not only do you need notebooks and pencils, there’s also the all-important first day of school outfit. Whether your cousin is starting his last year of college or your niece is just about to begin middle school, help your favorite student out with a back to school gift. Here are our suggestions.

Backpacks are classic school supplies for a reason. They’re not too bulky, and they come in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes. There are sturdy, rugged backpacks fit for classrooms and road trips alike. There are playful patterned backpacks. And there are rolling backpacks, for when your back needs a break.

And for the younger kids (and young at heart), these small and themed backpacks are perfect!

Bringing your lunch in a brown paper bag is so last year. Instead, let your favorite student snack in style with a colorful, insulated lunch bag. Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches!

Is your high school daughter always losing pens? Can your nephew in art school never find a pencil? Put an end to this forgetfulness by gifting a practical, eye-catching pencil case. And once class is over, they can use the zipper pouch for makeup, coins, or whatever they want!

Or perhaps you would like to gift a full set? Set them up for a successful year with all the everything they might need to stay prepared and organized.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, going back to school is going to look different for some people. Some people won’t be attending physical classes at all! Even if your favorite student will be doing distance learning this year, they’re still going to need school supplies. For more back to school gift ideas, check out our full collection.