Find Something for Everyone on Employee Appreciation Day

Workers often feel like their hard work isn't getting noticed. This Employee Appreciation Day, show them you care.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
February 24th 2020Feb 24, 2020

The first Friday in March—this year, that’s March 6—is Employee Appreciation Day. Workers are the backbone and lifeblood of any company or business, and if they were to up and vanish one day, not much would get done. However, statistics show that employees often feel undervalued in the workplace.

According to Forbes, 79% of people quit their jobs due to a lack of appreciation, and 58% of people say they find strangers more trustworthy than their own boss. Additionally, a Gallup poll found that 51% of employed adults in America are actively looking for new jobs. Those are fairly bleak findings, but they don’t have to be true of every workplace.

Though you should be validating and recognizing your workers consistently throughout the whole year, Employee Appreciation Day is a time to put in that extra effort to show you care. Here are some unique and thoughtful gift ideas to raise spirits in the workplace, whether that be an open plan office or industrial warehouse.

Since you should be showing all your employees some love, go for gifts that are specific yet broadly appealing. Most people appreciate being sent flowers, for example, but if blooms aren’t your workers’s style, consider a mini succulent or bonsai tree.

Food is a wise choice as well, from rugelach** and chocolate truffles to artisanal cheeses. Just be sure to note any dietary restrictions your workers may have.

For your employees who like to wind down with something boozy after work, consider something sippable like a gift basket of snacks and wine, either red or white.

If you have workers who don’t drink, make them feel included still with some sparkling pear juice, a tin of fruity green tea, or a variety set of coffee.

Drinking isn’t the only way to relax—a spa basket, filled with soaps and lotions, can be pleasing to anyone. And the right kind of scented candle can make an evening in after a long workday that much more tranquil.

It can feel overwhelming to buy gifts for multiple people at once, but SmartGift’s digital delivery feature makes it easy. Send your gift via text, email, or even Slack. When it’s opened, the recipient has the ability to customize their gift or even swap it for something else of the same price, making sure your employees feel both appreciated and satisfied.