Edible Arrangements and Beautiful Blooms for Your Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your love with something sweet-smelling, sweet-tasting, or both.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
February 6th 2020Feb 6, 2020

Unlike other holidays, Valentine’s Day is associated with very specific gifts. Namely, flowers and chocolates. And while it can, this doesn’t just have to mean red roses and a traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates. There are all sorts of beautiful bouquets and creative confections that your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or other loved one will appreciate. Here are some ideas to make your Valentine blossom with joy.

Let’s start with the classics. One dozen red roses are always a beautiful gift—pair them with chocolate-covered graham crackers, or color coordinate with pink roses and a selection of pink candies infused with rosé wine.

If you think red roses are too traditional, try a colorful assortment of lilies, a bouquet of sweet tulips, or a vibrant bunch of carnations.

You don’t have to get flowers and candy separately, either. There are plenty of gift baskets that bring the best of both worlds. There’s mixed flowers paired with dipped strawberries, red roses accompanied by a plush bear, or something more minimalist like a single red rose accompanied by a balloon and box of chocolates.

Flowers eventually fade, but there are other uniquely floral ways to show your love will last forever. Consider a box of preserved roses that won’t wilt—you can go softly feminine with pastel pink, or unconventionally beautiful with blue velvet. Or, send some with chocolates.

There’s even this delicate glass rose, which has all the beauty of a bloom without the need for watering.

Whatever Valentine’s Day gifts you decide to get, SmartGift’s instant digital delivery and flexible customization will make sure that your day of love is totally perfect.