Celebrate the Festival of Light With 21 Diwali Gift Ideas

Light up the holiday with festive gifts for friends and family.
Gauraa at SmartGift
November 3rd 2021Nov 3, 2021

November 4, 2021 marks the advent of Diwali — the Indian festival of lights. The name of the celebration originates from Sanskrit, and roughly translates to “a series of lights” in English.

What is Diwali and Why Is It Celebrated?

One of the most widely-celebrated Indian festivals, Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.

Diwali means different things to different religions and regions. For Hindus, the significance of Diwali is rooted in the epic Ramayana, and commemorates Rama’s return to his kingdom of Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile. Meanwhile, Jains celebrate Diwali in observance of the physical death and final nirvana of Mahavira.

Today, celebrants prepare for the occasion by cleaning their homes, decorating their spaces with Diwali light lamps, diyas, and rangoli. While Diwali traditions vary by region, most families spend the holiday wearing their finest clothes, lighting fireworks, sharing a feast, and — of course — exchanging gifts! Whether you’re looking for traditional Diwali foods such as nuts and dried fruits, Diwali gift boxes, or Diwali decorations — we have you covered with all kinds of festive finds for the Diwali holiday.

Dried fruit and nut trays have always been an important part of Diwali celebrations and Indian gift-exchanges. As Diwali marks the onset of winter, dried fruit trays and platters serve as a symbol of warmth from the sender.

This year, opt for a warm assortment of dried pear, candied mangos, apple rings, dates, almonds, and apricots from Harry & David. Plus, these snackable gourmet medleys arrive on a gorgeous wooden tray, making it a perfect find for your favorite entertainer.

Trying to keep the sugar content low? Opt for the Fruit and Nut Gift Box instead. Featuring juicy and delectable apples and pears — including one wrapped in gold to symbolize wealth and good fortune! — this wholesome selection will make an excellent Diwali gift for friends and family.

If you’re searching for the right host or hostess gift to bring to a Diwali party, look no further — the Snack Lovers Gift Basket includes the finger-licking Mesa Verde snack mix, sesame sticks, cheddar cheese snack mix, nuts, and more.

It’s not really Diwali without some warm, mouthwatering samosas. Send friends and family an east-meets-west appetizer assortment for a festive, vegetarian-friendly touch to the feast.

Considered a symbol of auspice, sweets are a vital part of most Indian celebrations. This Diwali, why not update the age-old tradition with a contemporary twist? Send them a set of rich, creamy, and delicious treats from the famous Georgetown Cupcake or Little Whisk.

Celebrate the festival of lights with little flames and rejuvenating scents. Send them an Amethyst Votive or Mother of Pearl Tumbler Candle from Kendra Scott, or one of Harry & David’s finest — available in Royal Riviera Pear and Orange Blossom — for Diwali this year.

Welcoming good fortune with new fabrics and furnishings is a long-held tradition in Indian households. This year, send friends and family a soft, bright, and breathable set of sheets or duvet covers.

Wearing new clothing, too, is considered a major part of Diwali celebrations. Send Diwali wishes to Dad with a cotton cashmere check shirt or fleece crewneck from vineyard vines!

Delight Mom with a floral printed tunic or a cashmere crewneck sweater to keep her warm through cold winter months.

Let’s not forget Diwali greetings for the little people in our lives! This baby zip sleeper from Hanna Andersson is soft, comfortable, and makes for the perfect Diwali gift for kids (and new parents!).

Celebrate Diwali the traditional way with flowers. Send them a medley of fresh blooms in warm shades of orange and red. Try daisy poms, autumn roses, or wax flowers, and complete the bouquet with a gorgeous vase that will serve as the perfect seasonal accent.

From all of us at SmartGift, happy Diwali!