Celebrate Stepfamily Day With These 19 Gift Ideas

Make your chosen family feel extra special with a gift this National Stepfamily Day.
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September 15th 2021Sep 15, 2021

September 16 marks National Stepfamily Day, an annual celebration that aims to recognize and celebrate stepfamilies. Founded in 1997 by Christy Tusing-Borgeld, the holiday offers support for blended family members who’ve fought to overcome hardships and stigma associated with their family structure.

Today, over 30% of American children are living in a stepfamily. Four in ten adults in the United States count at least one step-relative in their family. National Stepfamily Day gives these people an opportunity to reset, connect, and celebrate quality time together. Making stepfamilies work can be challenging, but the connection forged between members is truly special and worth treasuring.

This National Stepfamily Day, spend some quality time with your stepsiblings, parent and stepparent. Barbeque together, go camping, or plant a garden outside your home. If you can’t see each other in person, try scheduling a virtual movie night, or send them a gift that’ll bring a smile to their faces.

Nothing brings families together like camping. Nature relieves stress, promotes relaxation, and provides plenty of opportunities for bonding, making it one of the best activities for stepfamilies.

Complete with sweet and savory treats like stroopwafels, marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, popcorn, cookies, and more mouthwatering delights — send them one of these portable picnic grill sets so you can catch up over a warm campfire!

Gift your dad or stepdad the opportunity to take his barbeque game to the next level. These delectable patties from Stock Yards are handcrafted with 100% Black Angus Chuck, and are guaranteed to elevate your collective camping experience.

If camping feels a bit too adventurous for your stepfamily, try taking them out for a picnic instead. Whether you’re tailgating together or simply taking in the crisp fall air, this ultra-soft cashmere blend blanket from vineyard vines can make your stepfamily holiday even more magical.

Looking to make a real splash with holiday traditions? This meat and cheese picnic tin from Harry & David has you covered. Featuring hickory-smoked summer sausage, gouda, sharp cheddar cheese, hot and onion relish, and other luxurious delights, your stepfamily will be able to truly savor autumn.

Bringing the right bottle of wine can truly enhance your stepfamily’s outdoor experience. Unwind with some of Harry & David’s finest wine selections. Try opting for the Vintage Cellars Wine Gift Basket set if the family’s feeling truly snackish.

Hiking trips make for prime bonding time! This National Stepfamily Day, gift your stepmom and dad a pair of comfortable, lightweight hiking shoes so you can all discover family-friendly trails in your favorite national parks.

Send stepfamilies with children a decadent basket of chocolate cookies from Harry & David, or a Sprinkle Decorating Kit from Cheryl’s. They can spend the afternoon artfully styling baked goods together. Alternatively, if you’re unable to see your stepfamily in person, try scheduling a virtual cookie-decorating session with your loved ones! You’ll still be able to see the smiles on their faces as they unwrap these scrumptious gifts.

Outdoor gardening has long been considered a therapeutic practice, and can prove to be an incredibly fun family activity. Send your stepfather, mother, and siblings gorgeous blooms and bulbs like daisies, roses, and mums to brighten up their front yard. Together, you can watch these flowers bloom throughout the season!

If you’re unable to celebrate National Stepfamily Day in person, why not share a meal virtually via Zoom or Facetime? Send them a gourmet pre-made meal from Harry & David so they don’t have to spend the night prepping in the kitchen.

A virtual movie night is yet another wonderful way to celebrate the occasion together. Send your stepfamily an assortment of snacks from The Popcorn Factory so they can enjoy the complete cinematic experience!

Stepfamily Day is a day rife with feelings, so why not give your stepmom or step sister a sentimental keepsake they can cherish for years to come? These family charms from Brighton and Pandora are stunning tokens of affection, made to melt hearts.

While it’s wonderful to celebrate your chosen family on September 16th, don’t forget to make time for your stepfamily in your holiday schedule. Remember: it’s important to show your appreciation and support for your stepfamily throughout the year!

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From all of us at SmartGift, Happy Stepfamily Day!