Celebrate National Popcorn Day With These Corny Gifts

For National Popcorn Day, impress with something corny in a good way.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
January 15th 2020Jan 15, 2020

Did you know January 19 is National Popcorn Day? When it comes to popcorn, there’s a lot to celebrate. This crunchy snack isn’t just for the movies—popcorn is a healthy and affordable way to satisfy your craving for something salty, sweet, or a little of both.

Popcorn also makes a fun and playful gift. Your loved one, kids, or favorite party host will “pop” with joy at the sight of a big bucket of buttered popcorn, sweet kettle corn, chewy caramel corn, or even popcorn that tastes like chicken and waffles. Plus, the big game is coming up soon: show up with a popcorn tin repping your favorite team and score big points with the party host.

Here are a variety of popcorn flavors that will really give your mouth something to celebrate. Happy National Popcorn Day!


Stick to the basics with a classic three-flavor popcorn tin.


Get a head start on Valentine’s Day with strawberry champagne popcorn. And with salted caramel bourbon, a familiar flavor gets a grown-up update.


Better than a bag of chips: indulge in the corny and crunchy with ranch popcorn or fun, spherical popcorn balls.


Ever wonder what chicken and waffles popcorn tastes like? Now’s your chance to find out. And mint chocolate chip popcorn is a crunchier take on the beloved ice cream flavor.


Support your favorite sports team and snack at the same time. Whether you're rooting for the Chiefs, 49ers, or Titans, there's a popcorn for that.