Can’t see mom on her birthday? Celebrate with a digital gift!

For when you can't be there due to distance or extraordinary events, send your love with a gift that she can customize and be completely happy with.
Cassidy Dawes Graves
Cassidy at SmartGift
March 30th 2020Mar 30, 2020

Your mom is always there for you. She sang you songs and cared for you as a kid, and listens patiently to your questions about wedding planning and tax season. Not only that, but you quite literally wouldn’t be here without her. But sometimes, circumstances make it impossible to be together in person for special occasions like birthdays. This can feel painful, but there are ways to make the celebration still memorable and exciting.

With SmartGift, we make it easier than ever to send a thoughtful gift, with a unique unwrapping experience and a virtual card, to your loved ones. When it’s tougher than usual to get together in person or you forgot to send a gift until the day of, these gift ideas can make the distance feel closer and will make mom feel like a queen.

If mom is retired or works out of her home office, it can be fun to dress up a little and accessories always make nice gifts. If your mom is always on time (and stylish) due to her trusty watch, help her refresh her style with a new watch band or with a brand new timepiece that she can add to her favorite outfit.

For the mom into more sparkly looks, try this simple but dazzling pair of earrings. If she has a more unique style, she might appreciate this funky tasseled necklace, which can be worn multiple ways, or this fun bracelet that can be mixed and matched with the rest of her jewelry box. Ask your mom to send you photos of how she’s styling her gift, so you can experience it together!

Does your mom like to stay active? Running is a useful and cathartic activity that you can do by yourself. Surprise her with some running socks or athletic apparel to make her morning run even nicer. If you’re into running too, try coordinating a run from your respective locations.

Moms can spend a lot of time in the kitchen making breakfasts, dinners, and snacks, which can get tiring. When eating out at her favorite restaurant isn’t an option, let her sit back and enjoy something she doesn’t have to make herself—a rich chocolate cake is indulgent and luxurious if she has a sweet tooth or send her a full dinner spread that is sure to delight. And of course, there’s always time for some wine!

With their sweet scents and eye-catching blooms, bouquets of flowers can be a lovely sight to see and brighten up a space. They’re a nice way to elevate your mom’s home and remind her of spring days that are just around the corner.

Even if you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for mom, don’t fret. SmartGift’s digital gifting process is flexible and collaborative, allowing the recipient to customize and even swap their gift out for something else. And our instant digital delivery lets the sender get creative—send it in a text, a social message, or over email. The possibilities for birthday perfection are endless!