34 Memorable Gift Ideas for the In-Laws

Dazzle the extra family you never thought you could have.
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July 14th 2021Jul 14, 2021

It’s difficult enough to find the perfect gift for your parents and siblings, but shopping for the in-laws presents higher stakes!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to bring to a family dinner, a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, we have you covered when it comes to gifts for the whole family.

Scrumptious Delights for the In-Laws to Enjoy

Food is at the center of every family celebration and holiday season. Send a box of chocolates, baked goods, or a platter of something both sweet and savory, and your family members will be grateful.

Chocolate has been one of the most popular gifts over the past four thousand years, and for good reason: rich, decadent, and complex, these treats are guaranteed to make most happy, regardless of the holiday season.

Hoping to bring a little something to your father in law’s retirement party? Celebrating your son in law’s job promotion? Delight them with a beribboned gold gift box full of premium chocolate from an acclaimed chocolatier.

For the health-conscious or those with dietary restrictions, opt for sugar-free chocolates. These no-guilt gourmet confections come in a beautiful copper colored gift basket that can be enjoyed long after the treats are gone.

Your mother in law is sipping the finest Oregon wine as she prepares dinner; your father in law is reaching for snackable seconds, dipping pretzels in spreadable cheese served on a stylish tray—can you see the scene playing out perfectly in front of you already? Make the occasion extra special with a wine gift basket, a surprise your parents in law are sure to love.

For some flair (and carnivorous options), try an award-winning wine chiller set with hickory smoked summer sausages.

If they’re a tea drinker, give them a tea set any tea aficionado is guaranteed to appreciate. Stylish, sensible, and portable, this set comes with a wooden tray, infuser, a selection of loose leaf tea, rose hearts, and chocolate bars.

Flora and Fauna

Sunflowers, pink carnations and orange Asiatic lilies bring a splash of vibrant color, softening up any room or situation they’re put in, perfect for when you’re visiting your daughter in law, or as a belated Father’s Day gift.

The best family gifts demonstrate all the careful thought and attention put into them. Consider gifting in-laws with green thumbs a house plant or mini-garden they can tend to over time. They’ll think of you as they watch it grow!

Clothing, Outfits, and Accessories

If you’re looking for a perfect summer gift for your mother or sister in law, try an elegant and fitted viscose dress that can take them straight from the grill to the beach.

The truth is no one has enough dresses in their closets that are both trendy and comfortable. Your in-laws will be touched by the gesture behind this sun-protective and breathable shirt dress.

Maybe your brother in law’s birthday is just around the corner, or you want to give him something stylish (and utilitarian!) now that he’s returning back to the office. If so, you might want to look into a classic but hyper breathable button down, fit for both work and after hours.

If you’re looking for classic son in law shirts, give him the gift of linen. Lightweight and soft, this will offer him a comfortable transition period between Work From Home sweatpants to professional, Back to Work attire.

Slip-on shoes make the best gift for sisters in law constantly on the go. If she’s a mother, perpetually running back and forth from work to pick up the kids, taking them to practice, and running errands, you cannot go wrong with an extra pair of convenient, attractive, and comfy shoes.

Accessories are fun and classic gifts for Secret Santa or any other family gift exchange ideas. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, or Christmas gifts for in laws, select mini tote bags, hoop earrings, or beaded bracelets for men. These flourishes can accent and dress-up outfits any time of the year.

Your sister in law is not going to pass up on these earrings during the white elephant gift exchange.

Gifts for Entertainers

If your in-laws love hosting, send them a gift they’d be proud to flaunt at gatherings and get-togethers.

Scent and lighting are crucial when it comes to setting a scene. Whether it’s a dinner party, or an intimate affair just for the family, give them an uplifting fragrance to elevate the mood.

An extensive selection of relishes make a great gift for grillers and cooks alike! If your father in law is a backyard barbeque man, this is the perfect way to find a way into his heart.

Kitchen linens are among the most thoughtful gifts for cooks, bakers, or re-heaters. If your in-laws spend any time in the kitchen, they will love this cohesive, vintage-style apron and mitts with tasteful trimmings. A fine set of kitchen linens is also a great house-warming gift for your daughter in law's new kitchen.

Matching Gifts for the Entire Family

Whether one of your bonus sisters has recently welcomed a baby, or you’re secretly scheming a holiday-themed photo shoot for the family, matching pajamas are unmistakably adorable, and are bound to be enjoyed by all!

Gifts for Special Occasions

If you’re not the one who typically chooses a gift, holidays and special occasions can be especially intimidating. To keep things simple and classic, pick a preselected Christmas-themed basket for the big dinner. With wine, cookies, fruit, candy, and decoration, there’s something here for everyone in the family to enjoy.

A fun—not to mention very extensive—selection of celebration popcorn is among the ideal daughter in law gifts for film buffs who love spending their birthdays catching up on all season’s latest flicks.

Gifts for mother in laws are hard to get exactly right, but a treat box with Mom’s name on it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. What says “thank you for being here” better than an indulgent combo of candles, bath bombs, red wine, and chocolates?

On the flip side, if you’re in the market for a wedding gift, help your new daughter commemorate her special day with a spinning Forever & Always dangle charm. She’ll carry the sweet gesture on her wrist for years to come.

As the old saying goes, a Mother-Of-Pearl necklace is the perfect Mother in Law necklace! Gift your new mom this exquisite stone to remind her how deeply you care.

After the first dance, cake-cutting, wedding photos, and countless other wedding activities, the bride and groom can finally relax and begin their life together.

Gift them a royal dinner with prime steaks, baked potato halves, and cheesecakes so they can enjoy a meal together without the hassle of cooking.

For a fun surprise, gift your son and his new wife matching bridal caramel apples. Coated in chocolate and drizzled with sugar pearl beads, these wonderful treats will make them smile and keep them fueled on, or after, their wedding day.

Perhaps you’ve recently been welcomed into a new family, or you’re about to welcome a new member into your family. Maybe it’s your sister in law’s birthday, or you’re hoping to build a loving, lasting relationship with your future mother in law—what better way to show your new family you care than with a thoughtful gift? And when you send with SmartGift, you can dive into your search without sweating things like shoe or dress sizes.

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