25 Just Because Gift Ideas

You don’t need a reason to celebrate the special people in your life.
Gauraa at SmartGift
August 4th 2021Aug 4, 2021

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate someone special in your life—a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or a housewarming gift for their new home. But the best reason, perhaps, is none at all.

This year, Just Because Day falls on August 27. That’s right, there’s an entire day exclusively dedicated to not questioning the whys. While the origins of the celebration remain hazy, many use it as an opportunity to spread random acts of kindness. This could mean anything from giving your mom a call, letting someone in line ahead of you, or, of course, delighting the people in your life with a Just Because gift.

Whether you’re looking for a custom care package to send your sister across the country, or a spur-of-the-moment gift to sweep your partner off their feet, we have you covered for all occasions (and budgets)!

Gifts Under $40

Floral arrangements make for the perfect gift in just about any instance: romance, appreciation, care, sympathy, or happiness. Send a bouquet of the freshest blooms to your parents, siblings, or in-laws—they’ll appreciate the thoughtful gift.

If you’re considering Just Because gift ideas for your best friend who recently moved into a new apartment, or gifts for gardeners to greet them at their desks at their home offices, succulents and air plants are the perfect choice. Primed to thrive at desks, low-light plants not only bring office spaces alive, but have also been shown to boost creativity.

Looking to bring a budget-friendly gift to your friend’s movie night? Saying thanks to your neighbors for pet sitting? Try festive gourmet pretzels, mouth-watering baklava, or a gift box brimming with scrumptious galettes and cookies.

Gifts Under $65

If your children are away at college and you can’t decide what to put in a care package, we’re here to remind you it’s impossible to go wrong with baked goods, snack crates, and batter bowls. Whether they feast on them for brunch or dessert, these Just Because gift baskets are going to make your college student’s day.

For a taste of elegance and something a bit healthy, send them a care package with an assortment of specialty dried fruit.

Looking for more care package ideas? Send them a long-sleeved, soft-washed cotton shirt, or a printed pop-stitched surf tee from vineyard vines. When you send with SmartGift, you don’t have to fret over things like size and color— the recipient can customize their e-gift upon virtual delivery!

Many companies are now calling remote employees back into the office. Perhaps you’re looking for gifts to welcome remote workers back. Perhaps you know someone who is starting a new job onsite. Perhaps you don’t have a specific reason (which, in itself, is reason enough!) for a good Just Because gift. Either way, an herbal tea set is a perfect virtual gift for employees, to express thanks and make the transition from remote easier and more enjoyable.

Luxury Gifts

Anniversary gifts are so often riddled with hope and expectations. This August, send her love notes and splurge on a romantic gift for her just because. Try glimmering diamond earrings from Brilliant Earth, or a delicate gift set from Brighton.

Hoping to make a splash with your just because I love you gift ? Try a dainty chain bracelet or earrings with silver mazarine garnet and amethyst in red and pink. Known to be the perfect gemstone to celebrate the two-year mark, garnets symbolize love, inner fire, and life force.

Low maintenance and long-lasting, an oxidized sterling silver chain bracelet is an ideal Just Because gift for him. Whether he pairs it with jeans or a nice suit, he’s going to appreciate the wardrobe upgrade.

If you’re in the market for something truly lavish, give him an elegant dial from Movado. He will treasure your thoughtfulness.

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