17 Gifts Your Single Friends Need This National Singles Day

Recognize and celebrate single friends and family with a unique and empowering gift today.
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September 22nd 2021Sep 22, 2021

National Singles Day is celebrated every year in hopes of recognizing and empowering single people and their individuality. According to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 50% of Americans (or 126.9 million people) today are single and unmarried — a number that has grown significantly over the last decade.

When is National Singles Day?

National Singles Day falls on September 22 each year. While the origins of the holiday are unclear, it is commemorated on the last day of National Singles Week (established by the Buckeye Singles Council of Columbus Ohio in the 1980s), and sponsored by Unmarried America, an information service for unmarried workers, consumers, taxpayers, and voters.

Much like other single holidays around the world — like China’s Singles Day on November 11 and UK’s Singles Awareness Day on March 11 — the holiday presents a unique opportunity to focus on selfhood and pampering; to congregate with single friends, exchange personalized gifts, and celebrate not being tied down in a romantic relationship.

Whether you’re in the market for some cool gifts for friends, gift ideas for women, self-care products, or any other same day delivery gift ideas to celebrate romantic freedom, we have you covered.

No outdoor celebration is complete without wine gift baskets! These carefully curated collections from Harry & David pair award-winning white wines with munchables like sourdough baguettes, roasted almonds, dried Turkish apricots, and countless other delectable delights.

Add some flair to the classic picnic hangout with a Games and Snacks gift crate from 1-800 Baskets. Featuring a deck of playing cards, two pint glasses with the Dad Spinner game, and a handful of savory snacks, this bevy of fun goodies will keep you and your friends entertained as you unwind.

Look no further than this pinot noir rosé duo if you're in search for a strictly alcoholic pairing. One of the ultimate best friend gifts for National Singles Day, you and your friend can catch up over gulpaple wine and exchange romantic misdemeanors — all while enjoying the crisp fall weather outdoors.

This Rosé All Day candy bento box will make for an excellent gift for sisters or other family members who are sweet tooths. Infused with the finest rosé and presented in a gorgeous artisanal gift box, they’ll be sure to savor these treats.

Seasonal and scrumptious fall cookies from Cheryl’s are sure to delight! Bring them over to a friends-only picnic, or send them to single family members. They’ll put a warm smile on their faces.

Who said chocolate-dipped strawberries were only meant for romantic occasions? These red chocolate confections come decorated with spots and smilies, making it the best gift for any single friend or family member.

Celebrate singlehood with a girls night in! This National Singles Day, encourage your best girls to indulge in some clean skincare and beauty products from bareMinerals. Start the night with some foundation and mascara; relax with an herbal eye mask and moisturizer (pro-tip: these’ll come in especially handy if you’re dealing with any rosé-related hangover!).

The only thing better than flowers from a significant other are flowers from your friends! Send them a vintage-inspired arrangement of yellow Gerbera daisies, snapdragon, and orange Peruvian lilies to brighten their space.

Need something more couture? Try this hand-picked bouquet of yellow safflower, sunflowers, orange rose, and kalanchoe from Jason Wu — a perfect gift for a single friend with a taste for high fashion.

Send your dog-loving single family member a pet-inspired planter. They will love this zany container, which comes with a (pet-friendly) spider plant and as well as treats for their canine friend.

If you’re looking for Singles Day gift ideas for men, send him a playful pair of ceramic monster mugs from Harry & David. These vessels will be ideal for his favorite brew. Plus, they’ll prime him for the spooky season ahead!

Send him a craft ale cheese collection or a classic BBQ tub so he can enjoy a night in with the guys.

What better way to celebrate Singles Day than with a movie marathon? With a trio of selections to choose from — butter, cheese, and caramel — this collection of popcorn comes packaged in a retro tin with your recipient’s favorite baseball team logo on it.

Whether you spend the day catching up with your single friends or exchanging gifts with single family members, from all of us at SmartGift, Happy Singles Day!

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